CHUNKEY: The Monkey

Look who is here! The wise, loving and naughty little mascot of SAI Angan: Chunkey, The monkey. Crafty, creative, clever and yet caring, monkeys are the perfect replica of the tiny tots. Known for their stubborn nature and mischievous conviction, the children can indubitably identify with them. Like the young ones, Chunkey wears his emotions on his sleeve, openly displaying how he feels to everyone around him. Playful when with friends, cozy adorable ones when with mothers and filled with trepidation when with strangers, monkeys pose an astounding resemblance with the kids. Cute little Chunkey, ever playful, living in his imaginary world, unaware of the evils in the world of reality, is like your own little ones.

Chunkey will spread the spark of learning with joy in the Angan of learning along with making it playful and perky. He will seek attention, and stay surrounded with the little close ones always trying to make them smile. He will share the curiosity of the little ones and love to be naughty with them. As a best friend and a confidante, he remains to be the most cherished and a joyful company of your little one as they tread on the path of seeking knowledge.