Our Vice Principal

As you enter the campus of SAI Angan, be prepared to come across our Vice Principal at any corner or turn. You will rarely find her in her chamber as she truly believes that, it is amidst the tiny ones that she finds eternal joy and bliss. Blessed with a friendly disposition and an affable personality she is each child’s favorite. The compassion that she exudes makes children comfortable as they enter the playschool at a young age and are new to the school-like setting, and treats them in such a manner that they feel safe and cared for. She works resiliently towards producing a favorable learning and creative environment for the children.

Actively involved in the practices and processes of the school, she chalks out the teaching-learning practices and formats lesson plans and activities that are simple, understandable and designed for the easy grasping of the preschool children. To adequately construct lesson plans that will be entertaining and educational for all of the children is her forte.

Armed with exceptional people skills, she relates well not only with the children but the teachers as well as parents. Her easy going nature and sensitive demeanor makes it very easy for parents to correspond with her as they come up with their anxieties and apprehensions.

A Master in Arts and having completed a short term course at Harvard School of Education, USA on "Making Learning Visible", our Vice Principal enjoys popularity among both, the student and teacher community across the school. Her excellent communication skills and teaching experience of a decade as a creative teacher in English contributes beautifully to the talent pool of the SAI family. She strongly believes that a happy childhood is a strong precursor for good future.